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Yellow Stairs



  • Set objectives and goals for the class

  • Connect attendance, tardiness, and participation to stated class objectives

  • Establish Class Citizenship Guidelines to explain and ensure class is a safe space for discussion

  • Provide clear “math” for students regarding grades

  • Include a course calendar with correct, tentative dates

  • If the course work permits and is appropriate – include directions for major assignments

  • Include school rules, if appropriate



  • Promote active listening

  • Mix of lecture and multi-media to connect students and coursework

  • Each lesson connected to real world example

  • Expectations managed through clear instruction

  • Express relevancy through outside experts and guest speakers

  • Use news of the day to launch discussion of application of lesson

  • Facilitate discussion

  • Use group work and reflection for assessment


  • Clarity of reasons for assessments and assignments

  • Individualized feedback

  • Evaluate steps in process, not just end result

  • Measure critical thinking, questioning, and problem solving throughout instruction

  • Reflective learning

  • Active discussion and group work

  • Master projects

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